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Dresses come in so many shapes and versions, and it's always possible to find a perfect dress for each and every occasion, no matter what you're planning to do. Is it time to look professional? To let out you boho chic self? Time for a wedding, a big night out or you just want to pull on something comfortable as you are relaxing at home? No matter what type of dress you think of first hand, there are always so many more models to choose from. So, how to find the perfect dress?

There are not just different dresses for different occasions, what is more important is that there are different dresses for different women! We don't look the same, and we don't feel comfortable wearing just anything. That said, we also want our own personal touch to a dress, a dress that just looks like it was made for us. If it's the right dress for the right lady, it doesn't take much more to bring home the house.

Start by finding a model that suits you. Are you slender and tall, show it off with a long, cascading dress, tight around the waist. Are you shorter, wear a dress that finishes a little bit higher and show some legs to look slightly taller. Are you a larger size, choose a loose fit, but do not feel intimidated to show off some bosom. After all, a good dress is designed to enhance our assets, no matter where or what they are.

Most of us know what type of dress we fit in, and due to the occasion we know not to wear a beach dress at a wedding party or a mini dress at a baptism. The season of the year will also help you choose model and material. It can be just too hot to wear a knitted dress in summertime, while a beautiful, enticing wrap dress breathes better. Then of course, it's the decisions about colour and pattern, where many of us often resort to a classic one coloured black choice. You can't really go wrong with a black dress, no matter what season or occasion.

But then again, how much fun is that? Isn't it time we choose to be more daring with our choices? Don't forget the subliminal message a black dress also gives as it can be a symbol of power, but also a symbol of aggression. Compared to a light blue or a soft yellow, the impression given will be a huge different if you instead go for the black one. It has become more popular lately to dare a little colour and some large patterns on a maxi dress or summer dress, which makes our possibilities more personal. With so many choices and opportunities as the world of fashion presents to us today you can find the perfect match for you body, style, persona and occasion. It has never before been this much fun or easy to find the inspiration along with the perfect dress for every situation!